Mui Ne & Nha Trang- Vietnam Beaches

44270_10151296496076584_325313503_nIf you want some beautiful beaches, Vietnam has that and a lot of other things you didn’t imagine. You need to wander around a bit, take off beat paths to find the patch of sand known only to local villagers. Along Halong bay, Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Islands there are many untouched beaches. I shall try to give you a glimpse of one lesser known beach and another high energy beach.

The beaches in Vietnam are no less than any of those in Southeast Asia.  Mui Ne is one such amazing beach to visit. A small fishing village near Phan Thiet along the southern coast in Vietnam. It is just about 220 km from HCMC and takes roughly about 5 hours.

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The main attractions in Mui Ne are the white and red sand dunes. The best time to visit the sand dunes is early morning around sunrise. The sunrise over these remarkable sand dunes is breathtaking and a few cactus plants and the lake makes it much more appealing. Other things you can do here is sand surfing.

Head east towards the actual town of Mui Ne itself and there you can observe local fishermen bringing in the day’s catch. Mui Ne is known for its very colourful fishing boats which make a great sight at the harbour.

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Mui Ne has accommodations for all kinds of budgets. Most of these are along the beach.

From quaint Mui Ne we move to high energy Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a very touristy city in Vietnam, famous for its beaches, warm ocean air, shining sun, and a friendly vibe. It has everything you would expect in a beach town; restaurants, bars, crowd and yeah tourist traps. Nha Trang is a hub for water sports like diving, boat parasailing,water skiing, etc. Tourists flock to the new luxury high-rise hotels and resorts sprouting up along the beaches.564870_10151299392756584_276154684_n

The beach is gorgeous and one can always find a decent stretch of it that is empty . The waters surrounding Nha Trang is beautiful making snorkeling quite lovely.  Almost every shop’s signage is in both Vietnamese and Russian, and most of the locals speak a little of the language.The beach is lined with sun beds and umbrellas that cost 35,000VND  each and you can use them for as long as you like.

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59844_10151299391751584_1043348045_nTake the city tour which includes a hundred-year old Gothic Cathedral left over from French colonial days, the Long Son Buddhist Temple, Dom Market and Po Nagar Towers built by the Cham people between the 7th and 12th century. There are other areas of town, such as the busy shopping area around the train station, but most tourists come here for the beach and the restaurants and bars. One can also take a boat and  explore the nearby islands.

If a few days of rest and relaxation on an offbeat beach is the plan then head to Vietnam.


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