The Dream Ride with Honda

How often can one say that you drove on an International F1 circuit. Recently I got the chance to do exactly that Thanks to Honda India. Honda rewrote the rules by showcasing their new car first to Bloggers before Public, dealers and even press. They showcased the new Jazz to 80+ top bloggers around from the country and yours truly got a chance to ride the awesome new machine and testing its limits on the F1 circuit.

After flying us down to Delhi and arranging a comfortable stay at Radisson Blu we were taken to the Buddh International Circuit where we were introduced to the car by Mr. Katsushi Inoue, President & CEO, Honda Cars India Ltd and other officials from Honda. There were lots of games and quizzes for all to keep everyone engaged and involved.
IMG_20150704_172533118_HDRThen everyone got a chance to test ride the car on the world famous circuit. I couldn’t wait to try the car and test its limits. After choosing the Manual car to drive I got the chance pretty late in the day but it was worth every minute. My first opinion of the car was- “damn it looks good”. The car is sleek from the outside and quite comfortable from the inside with quite some Power added. It’s a complete package! Loaded with exciting features like Auto AC with touch screen; Advanced Multi Information Combimeter, Advance Audio System with 12.5 cm screen, Climate control feature with touch screen and increased boot space sufficient for tall people like me.

The ride on the F1 circuit was quite fun and exhilarating. The stretch after Turn 3 gives you a chance to push the car where lot of people clocked 130+ speeds. I see the car has a potential to deliver some power and performance too besides the looks. Would love to test it on Indian roads and plan a road trip around it if the Honda team permits. That would give us the best experience of the car and its features.
Overall the Dream Ride experience has been a good one and Honda Jazz looks like a sweet ride. Good stuff by the Honda & BlogMint team to give people a chance to drive a dream machine on an International F1 track.IMG_20150704_164644944


One thought on “The Dream Ride with Honda

  1. Good luck! I really wanted to do this at least once in my life. Maybe sometime. A good car and lot of petrol is all it takes for this track to create sweet memories.


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