Belgium -Amsterdam-Germany 2-week Itinerary

Belgium -Amsterdam-Germany

Day 1: Arrive in Brussels- Stay in Brussels for the day and explore places near the hostel. Spend the night here. Read about Brussels here- Brussels

Day 2- Black Forest Region-Germany- Leave Early Morning for Black Forest Region. 4-5 hour drive. Stay in Freiburg and explore the region spending the night in the town. Read more about Freiburg here- Freiburg

Day 3: Munich- Another 4 hour ride to Munich. Enjoy the ride and land in Munich. Do a quick sight seeing and spend the evening at the Beer Halls. Read our Munich blogpost

Day 4:  Leave early morning to visit Neuschwanstein castle and take the Romantic Road to Rothenberg Der Tauber. It is one of the prettiest town you will ever see.

Day 5- Another 2-3 hours drive will take you to the historic town of Dresden. Spend a night minimum here.

Day 6-7: Berlin- drive around the small town villages and reach Berlin. Spend the next two days visiting Berlin Wall and other attractions etc. The town is buzzing with attractions & nightlife

Day 8-9: Amsterdam- Leave for Amsterdam. Approx. 6 journey. Spend the day visiting the canals and coffee shops of Amsterdam

Day 10: Antwerp– 2 hours drive from Amsterdam, Antwerp is Belgium’s second-largest city. Make the most of  time here by riding a tram to the center of town. Visit the Grote Markt to view its dramatic Brabo sculpture-fountain, and then stop for a bolleke (round glass) of Antwerp’s De Koninck beer at the grand old tavern Den Engel on the square. Back at Antwerp Centraal Station, stroll briefly around the city’s Quarter

Day 11: Brugge- Bruges is just an hour and half from Antwerp. Tour the city. A must-do is a canal cruise; this will mark you indelibly as a tourist, but what you lose in street cred you’ll make up for by seeing a lot in a short time. Later, stroll around the connected medieval Burg and Markt central squares. On the Burg, visit the Basiliek van het Heilig-Bloed for a glimpse of a relic that’s said to be drops of Christ’s blood; on the Markt, climb the Belfry for splendid city views. Next, head to the Kantcentrum and watch how Bruges’s handmade lace is crafted.

Day 12: Ghent- Leave from Bruges and spend a day at Ghent. Once medieval Europe’s second largest city, over the past century this unsung treasure of a town has developed a strong artistic bent, and is now one of the best places in Europe for culture – there are many fantastic museums and galleries here, and more listed buildings than any other Belgian city. It’s one of the best kept secrets of europe

Day 13-14: Brussels. End your trip in Brussels- In the “capital of Europe,”. Start out at the Grand-Place, taking time to absorb the magnificent old square’s architectural details and animated spirit. A date with Rubens, Bruegel, Magritte, and other notable Belgian artists awaits you in the elegant Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. Next, you might want to stroll amid trees, fountains, and lawns in the Parc de Bruxelles, and view the Palais Royal and the Belgian Parliament building, the Palais de la Nation, on opposite sides of the park. Fly from Brussles. Check out our Blog on  Brussels here- Brussels


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