Neemrana Fort Palace: The Perfect Weekend Getaway from Delhi

If you reside in Delhi, then you would have frequently heard about your friends gushing about and rushing to Neemrana fort over the weekends. It is a fort, palace, heritage hotel and a destination – all rolled into one!! I think one must experience the historic setting and the old charm of this palatial architecture at least once in their lifetime.

Built in 1464, this fort is a hotel resort now. Situated upon a hillock, in the vicinity of Aravali hills around Alwar, the fort was rebuilt from its ruins and the heritage property was restored in the year 1986. You enter through the Royal Gates which still stands. While there is not much to do around the fort area, but you can enjoy and indulge in lots of activities inside the fort premises.

The fort is built on 11 levels and is situated on a shoe horse shaped hill due to which it faces multiple directions. The Neemrana Fort Palace is divided into seven wings, into about 14 tiers or layers, based on the difference in height or level of hills.  Established by Raja Dup Raj, the ancestor of legendary Prithvi Raj Chauhan, the palace which was in ruins until the early 70’s has been converted and restored into a magnificent royal resort. Over the years, the palace has incorporated many architectural styles, from the Rajputs to the Mughals.

There are winding staircases leading to open terraces maintained with manicured flowers. There is a beautiful amphitheatre, two swimming pools along with the provision of activities such as the Zipline, etc. to keep everyone engaged.

Due to its location, the palace provides some scenic views of the Neemrana town and is perfect for a small laid-back holiday where you can just laze around, read a book, swim or maybe simply bask in the winter sun.  It is said that the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner is served at different settings and except for water, there is no room-service available. This means you need to step out in order to experience the joys of the place.

Good for a weekend trip, one can stay at the Neemrana Fort Palace, which is one of the oldest properties of the super popular Neemrana group. Rooms can be booked only from the Neemrana Hotel website and each room differs in size, the number of beds and the location inside the fort.  Chances are high that if you visit on a weekday, there is a probability of your room to be upgraded.

How to reach

Neemarana fort palace is located near Alwar, in Rajasthan, about 130 kilometres from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur highway (NH 8).The NH 8 road is one of the finest highways that enables you to enjoy the journey, before you actually reach the destination. Wish you a safe trip!


6 thoughts on “Neemrana Fort Palace: The Perfect Weekend Getaway from Delhi

    1. Entry fee is Rs.500/ per person, and the lunch buffet @ Rs 800 + tax per person. One can’t just enter and roam at the property I think


  1. Superb!! And for some reason (which I dont know ofcourse) I’ve never managed to visit Neemrana 😦
    Thanks for sharing Sudeep 🙂


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