Road Trip Essentials- Part 1

IMG-20151004-WA0030A road trip is an adventure one should have once in their lifetime. And like all adventure, this one also requires a little planning. Any device that can make the journey easier, safer and more entertaining for you and your passengers is well worth the cost. After doing a road trip across Belgium, Germany & Netherlands I thought it’s essential to keep a note of what kind of gear is essential for your next road trip. And the essential gear won’t include an action camera or a GoPro or even sunglasses or GPS unit because they are a given. I am talking about the lil’ stuff which we might overlook or forget. I hope that the recommendations here will help you see more and explore farther down the road than you thought possible.

Make your road trip memorable!


GPS system costs a lot if you take on rent or buy one. I prefer using my phone and google maps to navigate. And while we are at it we know that it eats up a lot of battery.  Pick up a car charger with multiple ports so you can be sure to stay juiced up on the road. We used the StuffCool Voyage USB Car Charger during our trip and found it too useful. It can charge 2 iPads and 2 Smartphones at the same time. A cool charging option when you are on-the-go!IMG-20151217-WA0005

Cables for a musical journey all throughout


What is important on a road trip? Cell phone and a portable charger! What’s also important is an Aux Cable. I have figured through my past experiences that it is easy to pack everything but forget a simple small cable to carry my music with me!IMG-20151217-WA0002 (1)

So if you are looking for something which is not expensive, comes with a quality design & connects not just with your iPhone but an iPad as well, StuffCool Arcade AUX Cable is a good investment.

Stay connected!

Cars in the market these days come with in-built Bluetooth capabilities. It not just enables you to enjoy the music through your smartphone but also connects through FM radio.

But what if the car is not equipped with the same? The best and easiest way to add Bluetooth to most modern cars (with a line-in jack) is to get an aux kit.

This is the first part of our Road trip Essentials. I will keep sharing more when on the next road trip. If you have your favourite gadgets or things that matter to you while traveling, share it with me here in the comments section or tweet to me on my Twitter page with #100LilThings & #LilThingsMatter and you might win cool travel accessories 😉


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