Photoblog- Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium has its own brand of charm. The city is decorated with many Gothic structures and magnificent art that tempts people to explore it. It hides so many of its charming features that you will be surprised with what you see. Here are some shades of Brussels-

Pic Courtesy-SiddheshMhatre

Pic Courtesy-Siddhesh Mhatre


Pic Courtesy-Siddhesh Mhatre


Pic Courtesy-Siddhesh Mhatre

12045650_10153713825066584_48511421773738503_o 12068829_10153713794441584_4689096842414010810_o 12079882_10153713793386584_8042460318472818203_o 12079884_10153713794271584_2489508577744758294_o 12106767_10153714053851584_5382506363869863477_n 12486081_10153880907744680_1792998539425412519_o 12493756_10153880358449680_7730983926112534820_o 12496045_10153880959039680_8144002291686886087_o 12513781_10153880384814680_2039801273257785847_o

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