Vietnam Travel Guide

602430_10151296485956584_1338360944_nSet along the South China Sea along the borders of Cambodia, China & Laos, Vietnam is a country with a history. We all know about Vietnam’s war-trodden history, but it has a lot more than that. Full of breathtaking natural beauty, unique heritage and culture, Vietnam can also please the taste buds as much as the mind and soul. The weak currency, warm people and yummy food can make you plan a trip here sooner than later to experience the richness of the region.

When to Go

Weather can vary from region to region. While it might be cold winters in the north, the south side can make you sweat at the same time. Overall April, September & October can be the best time across the country. Otherwise you can visit the country all year-long and you will still have a lot to do


Things Not To Miss

  • Wander around Hanoi– Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi combines French colonialism with Eastern influences and is known for its centuries-old architecture and a rich culture. Wander through the chaotic Old Quarter visiting the temples, Dong Xuan market and yummy street food306585_10151296493881584_1630162141_n
  • Bustling local markets– To get a flavour of Vietnam the central market is where the action happens. experience the real local affair there.58095_10151634927316584_108202186_n 68949_10151634925181584_1642854513_n
  • Strolling around  Hoi An– Known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals, Hoi an is one of the most popular tourist places. It is also popular for its “tailored suits. The city has a very relaxed feel to it which makes it most likeable of all.156535_10151296489506584_1382920707_n
  • Taking a cruise in Halong Bay–  The country’s most popular tourist destinations, this UNESCO Heritage sight is an experience. Halong means ” Descending Dragon”. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and shapes. It is also the places where lots of travelers complain about being conned or cheated. So research a lot before booking your tour with any company.
  • Crawl your way at Chu Chi Tunnels– An extensive network of nearly 500 km of tunnels build during the war with the USA in the 1960s.  One has to crawl to explore the tunnels and can fire AK47s at shooting targets.
  • Experience Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta– Ho Chi Minh City  is high on energy and is always bustling. It is full of chaos, culture and motorbikes. At one moment you are in the incense filled temple and other moment you can be in midst of a crowded street. The city has a lot to offer just be ready to take in all you get here.

    Mekong Delta


    Ho Chi Minh City

  • Check Out Mui Ne– A small fishing village near Phan Thiet along the southern coast in Vietnam and is known for wind- and kite-surfing as well as the rolling sand dunes545397_10151296495871584_77050934_n
  • Go diving & Partying at Nha Trang– Famous for its beaches, warm ocean air, shining sun, and a friendly vibe. It has everything you would expect in a beach town; restaurants, bars, crowd and yeah tourist traps. Nha Trang is a hub for water sports like diving, boat parasailing,water skiing, etc.560837_10151299392021584_897649753_n
  • Visit the Sapa region– Situated near the China border, Sapa is northern Vietnam’s premier trekking base. Visit here for the beautiful countryside of cascading rice terraces and tiny hill-tribe villages

Costs & Other Information

Accommodation – Hostels are pretty cheap and start as less as 700 Rs. a night while one can get a  double room for as cheap as Rs. 1500 a night. Homestays are popular too564815_10151296489951584_1784725647_n

251309_10151296493656584_297009462_nFood –The popular bowl of pho or noodle soup is around 75-100 Rs. The fancier  the restaurant, the more expensive it gets. A beer will cost you around 1$

Travel– Bus travel is very cheap and the best mode of travel in Vietnam. The train is also another inexpensive way to travel but takes a lot of times. There are a couple of low cost flights too but I am sure budget travellers like me will look for cheaper options.


For Sample itinerary click here


Further Reading– Vietnam is a good budget destination. If you need some inspiration for why you should visit it then this will help- 10 Reasons why you should Visit Vietnam

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