Explore Split: Travel Guide

Split is the second largest in all Croatia after Zagreb and largest town in Dalmatia.  A typical Mediterranean city, with a small town vibe. When the late Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace he chose Split. And now medieval architecture mingles with contemporary design here inside the palace walls. Located within Diocletian Palace, Split’s historic old town is like a live museum with many restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and places to stay.  A seafront promenade – Riva – a pride of all people from Split, bustles with people.13096136_10154182229501584_4788979764312133028_n

Split is a good destination to chill and plan a lot of day trips around. Feel like exploring a bit? Beautiful islands like Hvar, Brac, as well as others, are within reach. For Games of thrones  fans one can walk the streets of Meereen and Braavos here.13076785_10154182228651584_5714863815545213258_n

What to do-

Old Town & Diocletian palace- The Old town of Split is a UNESCO world heritage and everything is well preserved. Do visit the 1700 year old Diocletian palace. It’s a marvelous landmark of the past. . Located right next to the palace is the towering, 60 meter high Cathedral of Saint Domnius.13096136_10154182228886584_2696463128017830743_n 13055391_10154182228921584_5911447010316398523_n 13015653_10154182229141584_6284424098370550385_n 944842_10154182228671584_608437674519932281_n 13055316_10154182228801584_7264791878830248796_n

Riva– “Riva”  or the promenade  is the walkway located in front of the main pedestrian street where one can hang around and see the day pass by. The promenade ends with the Bacvice beach. 13087896_10154182229491584_36733543590418492_n

Beaches– Bacvice beach is the most popular beach with seaside cafes. It’s one of the few sand beaches in the area, it’s usually pretty packed. Good place to see the local life. More time on hand then try  Jezinac, Bene or Kasjuni beaches.13096016_10154182232891584_7692521434844115224_n13047794_10154182240746584_6545536608575137680_o

Marjan Hill- Just steps from the old town, you’ll find Marjan Hill. At 178 meters,  it’s still a great escape from the city. With plenty of jogging trails and footpaths to walk on, there’s no shortage of stunning scenery to enjoy. The view from the top is well worth the climb. 13043745_10154182232666584_2907622672192634056_n13094369_10154182232486584_6754581462582076827_n

Accommodation– Accommodations in Split can increase depending upon the season and location. I recommend Airbnb since they offer incredible value and comfortable. This will help you stay without splashing a lot and maintain your budget. If you haven’t tried Airbnb before, sign up with my referral link for a credit of $30 on your first stay. They are of great value in this part of the world, and renting apartments is the norm rather than the exception. We stayed at Antonia’s Airbnb. Expect to pay around 20-30 euro per night.

Eat and drink – The city is full of cafes. You may have to hunt for budget places though. Else Pizza & Pasta can do good if you are on budget which are pretty yummy. Otherwise the Dalmatian style food in Split is very good, plus, there are many Italian influenced meals.13096014_10154182232251584_5993673195534810656_n

Transportation- Reaching Split is really easy. Split is the second largest travel hub in Croatia after Zagreb. Split can be reached by plane, train, bus, ferry, and even a hydroplane. Internally the city can be easily navigated on foot. The old town is (almost) car-free. Though if you are coming by car then be prepared to either pay up a lot on parking or look for free parking which are far away from the Riva.

P.S- Keep in mind when you book your accommodation (check if a hotel or a private apartment offers parking).

General Costs in Split

Things in Split are pretty surely bit expensive as compared to Zadar & Zagreb on the whole.  Here’s some average costs.

  • A beer – around 3 Euros
  • Soft drinks – around 2 Euros
  • An ice cream – around 1 Euro
  • A pizza – around 5 Euros
  • A meat or sea food dish – around 20-50 Euros
  • Apartment in old Town Split – around 120 Euros for 2 nights, 4 guests
  • Travel in the town- on foot Priceless

The other day trips, snorkelling and sailing activities depend on the season and cost may vary.

13015610_10154182229226584_496003017420178423_nOverall Split is a pretty chilled out place and very centrally located. It’s good to make it the hub for your Croatia trip. The city has a happening small town vibe but it is relaxed in it’s own way. And yes it is quite touristy. So get ready to witness crowd during high season



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