Scotland Road Trip 3- Glen Coe and Highlands

Day 3

Leaving the Great Glen, we pass under the shadow of Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain. Our route down south takes us through the stunning rugged landscape of Glencoe, once used as a backdrop in James Bond Skyfall and the Harry Potter movies and the scene for 1692 Glencoe massacre where 38 men, women and children from the MacDonald clan were murdered in their sleep by their guests.

Many people will remember this from James Bond’s Skyfall. In Skyfall, Bond talks about taking M away from London to someplace that the world will never find her. Enter Glen Etive. The sullen moodiness of the Highlands take on a whole new level of personality here especially during winters.

Glencoe is beautiful beyond imagination. I would have liked to spend more time here but sadly due to my schedule it wasn’t possible. It really is a beautiful part of Scotland. Aside from Isle of Skye, it’s the prettiest place I visited. The snaking route takes travellers straight through the heart of the glen and you’ll feel dwarfed looking at the magnitude of nature here. Look out for tucked away mini-waterfalls and the unmissable three sisters peaks.

Journey through one of the last remaining wildernesses in Europe when we cross the Rannoch Moor, a vast stretch of land that will show you yet again another side of Scotland.

We head past Stirling, the scene of some of Scotland’s most famous and bloody battles in the Wars of Independence. One of Stirling’s most distinctive landmarks, overlooking the scene of Scotland’s victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge is the National Wallace Monument. A world famous landmark, built in a stunning location to honour William Wallace.

We returned to Edinburgh just before evening to be a part of The Torchlight Procession which marks the beginning of the one of the world biggest new year street parties. With this our Scotland road trip comes to an end with some fantastic memories and promise to come again once for sure.  This blog is a part of a 3 part Scotland Road trip series. You can read the other two parts here- Scotland Road Trip 1- Cairngorms National Park, Loch Morlich & Loch Ness Scotland Road Trip 2- Isle of Skye, Eileen Donan Castle and Around 


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