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Smart Travel is my niche. I am passionate about travelling and going to new places. I started this blog to create awareness about destinations which people think are expensive to go. I want to help people go to these places without breaking the bank and also see the places they didn’t know of.  I am open to participate in FAM trips, blogger meets and be a contributor for publications, guide books,  websites, blogs and marketing collaterals for resorts, restaurants and home stays.

With a reach of over 600 monthly visitors and over 2100 subscribers on my blog, with a highly engaged travel community of followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter, I work with brands to run and promote travel-related contests and campaigns that are of interest and value to my readers. Here are my social links-


If you look to  collaborate with me, here is a something I can help you with:

Travel Writing

after working in this industry for long I have been able to hone my writing skills and contribute to several publications/blogs that required unique, compelling stories. I have managed  blogs for brands, helping them connect deeper with their audience and share niche travel information in a relevant and engaging way.

Working with Brands

I work with  hospitality groups, tourism brands and travel groups to create awareness and review destinations, resorts, venues, travel campaigns that might be insightful and might interest my readers. I love to visit offbeat destinations and share my unique travel experiences.

Content Creation:

Content with relevant conversation is the king these days. Need to portray a fresh perspective of your destination or brand?  I can help brands create relevant content and reach out to travellers with respect to destinations and products.

Social Media Consultancy:

I offer social media consulting for destinations and brands that want to focus on authenticity and engagement. I can help you effectively use online outlets to reach your target costumers. How does your audience connect with your brand? How can we do things differently? I provide consulting for all aspects of branding to align your values with your consumers’ expectations.

I have successfully worked with several travel brands to enhance their reach and engagement in the online travel space. Let me know if there is a chance to associate and how can we take things forward.
You can mail at or call me at  +919821555774 and we can discuss it.

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