Two Weeks in Croatia- The Highlights

A picture perfect country with beautiful coastal towns, numerous islands and beaches and some stunning scenery, Croatia is picture perfect in every way possible. I did a two-week road trip across the country and I am still reeling from the country’s awesome scenery and the lovely old architecture. Here are few highlights from our trip-

Zagreb– Zagreb is also called a city of museums as there are more of them per square foot than any other city in the world. The city is divided into three parts: the thousand-year old Gornji grad (Upper Town) which has the Presidential Palace, the iconic St Mark’s Church, the Croatian parliament, museums and galleries; the 19th century Donji grad (Lower Town) is full of shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and parks; and Novi Zagreb (‘new Zagreb’). Since the city is compact, walking is the best way to discover the city. Read more about Zagreb here.IMG_1696IMG_1681 IMG_1654 IMG_1644 12974367_10154156501656584_3365788217810985415_n 13029427_10154162362191584_3887332835125085681_o

Zadar– The second largest city in Dalmatia and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe, Zadar is ancient seaside city which has many wonderful sights. Zadar is beautiful, and simply wandering the narrow cobbled streets and enjoying the historical ambiance is worth the trip. Also it is said to have the most beautiful sunset in the world. Read more about Zadar here.13010625_10154179084586584_266047118805845007_n
13043343_10154179084446584_5653450859694584819_n St. Donat Church 13015374_10154179084896584_5710959724114789384_n

Plitvice Lakes– As a World Heritage Site, Plitvice maintains a pristine environment. Famous for its sixteen lakes, inter-connected by a series of waterfalls and their stunning colours, it remains one of the most popular destination in Croatia. Read more about it here13000214_10154164966111584_3049464150973942455_n 13047738_10154164973491584_6703833364424226325_o 13015293_10154164967141584_1581179238112114263_n 12973135_10154164973476584_597589426974852193_o 12987008_10154164966731584_1368008161800378356_n 12993379_10154164966136584_6872689686779695168_n

Split- Split is the second largest in all Croatia after Zagreb and largest town in Dalmatia.  A typical Mediterranean city, with a small town vibe. When the late Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build a palace he chose Split. And now medieval architecture mingles with contemporary design here inside the palace walls. Located within Diocletian Palace, Split’s historic old town is like a live museum with many restaurants, cafés, bars, shops and places to stay.  A seafront promenade – Riva – a pride of all people from Split, bustles with people. Read more about Split here13043745_10154182232666584_2907622672192634056_n 13055391_10154182228921584_5911447010316398523_n 13015653_10154182229141584_6284424098370550385_n 13076785_10154182228651584_5714863815545213258_n 13096014_10154182232251584_5993673195534810656_n

Hvar- The sunniest place in Croatia with 2724 hours of sun a year,  Hvar is a delight. A relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, topped with a rich cultural and historical heritage makes Hvar a traveller’s paradise. Hvar Town is the island’s busiest hub. It’s a tourist draw with its 13th century walls surrounding gorgeous gothic style palaces and pedestrian only marble streets.  This small bay town is romantic and fantastic. Hvar combines the pretty old town architecture and cobblestone streets of most of Europe with a coast prettier and cleaner than most I’ve seen. A medieval little picturesque wonder with waters so pristine that we could jump in for a dip just about anywhere. Read more about Hvar here.13139026_10154194954741584_6980245047155719430_n13139330_10154194952556584_6216071256569302332_n 13124741_10154194955371584_838834686290895191_n 13118977_10154194953066584_4581042224613795358_n 13118953_10154194959176584_7932641694859124212_n 13133349_10154194961521584_4141509509288912628_n 13094160_10154194961006584_8826879493676817513_n 13103382_10154194961636584_6562377703936314496_n

Dubrovnik- Facing the Adriatic Sea with its awe inspiring landscape, beautiful old town and abundance of history, Dubrovnik can entice one by its many charms. A picturesque historic city surrounded by one great, walkable city wall, it is young, dynamic and cheery. Dubrovnik is a fantastic — a walled, orange-roofed old city perched above the Adriatic. George Bernard Shaw once said, “If you want to see heaven on Earth, come to Dubrovnik.” The Game of Thrones fans will remember this place as Kings Landing. Read more about it here.


3 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Croatia- The Highlights

  1. Hi there. I am planning a solo trip Needed help on a few things:
    1. Any recommended areas of stay (safe areas) in Hvar and Dubrovnik. Any hotels recommended?
    2. How do you recommend I get to Plitvice Lakes? Rather from which of the above cities is it shorter/easier (No car etc. So won’t be doing a road trip)
    3. Any other place / things to do in Croatia that’s on your wish list?
    Thanks super much. Planning to go in November this year. Fingers crossed 🙂


    1. Hey Sandhya, 1. We stayed at an Airbnb at Marka Gajaje street. Lots of places around that area is good in Dubrovnik. In Hvar look at the downtown area. 2. Plitvice lakes if you are not driving then lots of buses go there from both Zadar and Zagreb. you can take those. 3. If you have time check out Brac, Pula, Trogir, Roving, Korcula.


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